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Illustration by Steven Sarmiento

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Stephanie Troeth headshot
User Experience Strategist @sniffles

Stephanie Troeth

Steph is an independent UX strategist who has worn many hats. She works closely with MailChimp’s UX team, guest-lectures at the University of Greenwich, and helps startups with product strategy from a user perspective. She is currently writing a book on story techniques in UX research and design.

A is for Amateur

In Latin languages, the root word of “Amateur” is “lover”. Yet in English, “amateur” has a rather negative connotation, where it tends to mean “not professional” or doing something “not for money”. How do we balance between “work that pays the bills”, and keeping ourselves fresh and creative? Steph shares some new thinking around passion for work, and discusses the pragmatic side of loving what we do.

Mariana Mota Morris
Lead Interaction designer, Oxford Computer Consultants @marianamota

Mariana Mota

Mariana is lead interaction designer at a software and web apps company Oxford Computer Consultants. She co-organises the monthly event UX Oxford and runs OxFreelancers. She holds a MA in Interactive Media and has over 10 years of experience designing web sites and apps. She enjoys working closely with clients and running user experience workshops.

Working with clients: understand them and they’ll understand you

To get your client to trust your expertise and design decisions can sometimes be tricky. The trust starts with your first interactions with them and it’s important throughout the relationship. Their buy-in on your designs depends on this trust as well as their backgrounds, situations that they are facing and personalities.

Mariana will share her experience and techniques working with clients, from empathy to communication.


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