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Dan Appelquist
Open Web Advocate, Telefónica Digital @torgo

Dan Appelquist

Dan Appelquist is the Open Web Advocate for Telefónica Digital and a veteran Web and Mobile technologist with over 20 years of exposure to the Internet. This sometimes makes him sound like a curmudgeon but he's really an OK guy. He's been an active participant in Web standards, helping to create the W3C Mobile Web Initiative, working in the W3C's TAG and bringing device APIs to the Web.

Firefox OS: The web, mobile

The Web is now a mobile medium and the term “Mobile Web” has lost much of its meaning in this new world. So what are we talking about when we talk about the Web on mobile devices?  Now comes Firefox OS, a phone OS built from the Web outwards. We’ll explore some of the key differentiators of the Web as a mobile platform, where the deficiencies are, how those are being addressed through the Web standards community, and explore what the future could hold.

Patrick Hamann headshot
Senior Engineer, Financial Times @patrickhamann

Patrick Hamann

Patrick is a senior engineer at the Financial Times in London where – amongst other things – he is helping to build the next generation of their web platform next.ft.com. Prior to the FT he spent had the last 3 years developing theguardian.com. When not speaking or ranting about performance he enjoys spending his spare time discovering new food and craft beer.

Planting the responsive seed

The Guardian recently released a new mobile site on m.guardian.co.uk, but in fact it is the planting of a seed of a more ambitious project to replace the desktop website with a future-friendly, single domain responsive product. We will learn how we are using mobile-first responsive techniques and client-side technology to set the foundations of that future, what have we learnt along the way and how it will scale.


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