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Illustration by Natalie Richardson

Who spoke

Marketing Executive, Host Europe Group www.heg.com

Robert Mathers

Rob began his career at the European arm of Liquid Agency, a global branding house based in Silicon Valley. He is currently the Marketing Executive at the Host Europe Group, where he manages marketing campaigns and projects for brands including 123-reg and Heart Internet.

How to use emotion

Using emotion is a fundamental part of any business’ work and operations, from generating the trust needed for a customer to convert, to creating the excitement that gets people to share your content. However, emotion’s role in businesses is often misunderstood, overlooked and has the potential to be significantly improved. In this talk, I’ll show how you can use emotion to gain new clients, retain existing ones and even increase employee satisfaction.

UX designer @annadahlstrom www.annadahlstrom.com

Anna Dahlström

Anna is a UX designer and founder of product studio byflock and their first product Glimt. She’s a regular speaker and instructor for General Assembly and has worked client side, for startups and agencies on large variety of brands and projects, from websites and apps to TV UIs.

Designing around storytelling

Storytelling has always played an important part in our societies throughout history. In the last few years it’s gained attention as an important aspect in communicating and building engagement with a brand’s customer base. But storytelling is also an integral part of the design process. It’s a tool that not only can help us define our content and messaging, but the experience as a whole. Both across platforms and screens, and how we interact with it.