Digital Nightmares

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Illustration by Sophie Bampton

Who spoke

Drew Mclellan
Director, @drewm

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan is Director and Senior Developer at UK web development agency, and lead developer for their small content management system, Perch. Prior to this, he was a Web Developer for Yahoo!, and from 2006-08 was Group Lead for The Web Standards Project. Drew has had articles published by A List Apart, Adobe, and O'Reilly Media, and writes at his personal site and, with a little help from his friends, at

Back to Front Web Performance

No one has ever complained that your web site is too fast. The single biggest advantage the native apps hold over the web is the responsiveness of their interfaces. Ask a user why they gave up using your site and they may not be able to tell you, but that laggy interface may have chipped away at the experience until your site becomes a drag to use. Find out how to make your web site blazingly fast by taking a holistic approach of designing performance into your entire stack, from the data centre right through to the browser.

Andrew Clarke
Senior Creative, Creative Jar

Andrew Clarke

Andrew Clarke Digital Designer with over 10 years experience working within the Design, Marketing & Communication sector he has a passion for digital and an obsessive attention to detail where he wants to produce the highest possible level of service to the client.

A Recipe for Success

Because of the reactive nature of the digital industry we quite often find ourselves immersed in project work that has fallen off track. My talk will give you tips on how to keep a project on track, small or large. I will cover key points such as starting a project off on the right foot with clever planning, thoughts on how to keep your clients and colleagues happy with communication and how to end up being proud of the end result whilst answering the brief and keeping on budget.