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Illustration by Natalie Richardson

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Aral Balkan
Founder & Lead Designer, Indie Phone @aral

Aral Balkan

Aral Balkan is founder and lead designer of Indie Phone, phone that empowers mere mortals to own their own data.

Indie: a tale of privacy, civil liberties, and a phone

Can a phone really help protect our civil liberties? Aral Balkan thinks so. And he’s embarked on an audacious journey to make one. Join us to hear the introduction of a two-year story that is only just beginning.

Ruth John
Lead UX, Designer & Front-End Developer, O2 @rumyra

Ruth John

Ruth John wireframes, designs and codes for The Lab at O2 (Telefonica). She also tweets and blogs a bit too. You can often find her chatting about web development, building apps and how an extra div is not the answer to your styling problems. Either that or the lesser known Thundercats characters.

Make Your Browser Dance

The Web Audio API, we’ve seen it, we’ve played with it, we’ve heard it. But how does a user interact with it? Let’s take a journey through analysing sound and adding some visuals to amazing effect. You’ll end up dancing and so will your browser as we use the sound data to trigger animations. Be stunned as you learn how to make sweet user generated visualisations – right here in your browser.


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