Differentiating with design

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Who spoke

Westley Knight headshot
Senior UX Designer, Staysure.co.uk @westleyknight westleyknight.co.uk

Westley Knight

15 years a web developer — the last 5 of those working predominantly as a UXer in some form or another — Westley is someone who reversed “the question” by becoming a coder who learned to design. He’s currently trying to make it easier for the over 50s to buy their insurance.

Integrating UX

Not all of us work in Silicon Valley, or for a company where design has a seat at the top table. Even though the vast majority of businesses are not driven by design decisions, design is now becoming the differentiator, the thing to lift them above the competition. Even if businesses don’t really know what UX is, they know they need someone who does it. As a lone UX practitioner in a company with hundreds of employees, my aim is to share with you how you can become a force for the good of the user, one small step at a time, whilst slowly changing the perception of design within a larger organisation.

Matthew Standage headshot
UX Designer, Oxford Computer Consultants @mstandage mstandage.com

Matthew Standage

Matthew Standage is a UX Designer at Oxford Computer Consultants working on software, web and mobile apps for health, science, engineering and social care. Prior to this he spent four years studying typography and information design at the University of Reading. He is particularly interested in how we can use good design to improve people’s lives and aid informed decision making.

Icons in interfaces

With the rise of mobile devices and the responsive web, designers of interfaces are using icons more and more to convey important pieces of information to users. But, how effective are icons at conveying information? This talk will give designers of icons and those specify icons for interfaces practical advice on icon choice, a framework for evaluating the potential effectiveness of an icon and tips for testing icons.