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Who spoke

Nirish Shakya headshot
UX Lead, NOW TV (Sky) @NirishShakya

Nirish Shakya

Nirish Shakya is a UX Lead at NOW TV (Sky) and a UX coach / trainer. He has been designing products across multiple channels including web, mobile and in-store for big name brands in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, including financial institutions, universities, telcos and not-for-profits for the past 10 years. He believes design changes the world but teaching design changes it even faster.

Design awareness and maturity

There hasn’t been a better time for experience design. Everyone (I hope!) knows it’s important but the most common perception of design is still limited to styling rather than process. As people hear more design jargons, they are starting to build their own interpretation of what design actually means. This inconsistent awareness is resulting in a hotchpotch of design methods and outcomes, leaving stakeholders wondering where the promised land of design is. When design cannot deliver, it loses it credibility and eventually its voice, with the users becoming the ultimate losers. This talk will explore the value of correct design awareness and maturity and ways to assess and improve them within your organisation.

Paul Davis headshot
Web Developer @pauladamdavis

Paul Davis

Paul is a freelance web developer based in Kent. He's previously worked at three agencies, and spent a year working on the publishing platform, Ghost. When he isn’t working, he likes to drive on country lanes and drink tasty beer (though not at the same time!).

Pitch Perfect

For the past 3 years, Paul has worked on a side project to digitise a print calendar of a football tournament.

This year he took it a step further, adding language and timezone support.

Pauls wants to share the process, starting with initial ideas, through to completion and beyond.