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Who spoke

Steve Workman
Head of Web Engineering, @steveworkman

Steve Workman

Steve is the Head of Web Engineering at Yell, the UK’s yellow pages. He has spent most of 2015 moving to HTTPS and is still working on it. Steve is also an organiser of London Web Standards, a community meetup group celebrating its 100th event in 2016, and is an advocate of web performance and web standard best practices, helping developers make the web better for everyone.

HTTPS is Hard

Making a site work on HTTPS should be easy, but its not. The older your website, the harder it is to make the transition; but why is it so hard, and why should you bother?

Steve walks you through a 9 month journey of how he moved to HTTPS, taking a 15 year old website and its many tiers, and getting that green padlock.

Patrick Hamann headshot
Senior Engineer, Financial Times @patrickhamann

Patrick Hamann

Patrick is a senior engineer at the Financial Times in London where – amongst other things – he is helping to build the next generation of their web platform Prior to the FT he spent had the last 3 years developing When not speaking or ranting about performance he enjoys spending his spare time discovering new food and craft beer.

HTTP/2: What, where, why & when?

The onset of HTTP/2 is upon us. Now over 60% of your users browsers are be capable of interpreting requests delivered over the new protocol. But what does this really mean for us as frontend developers? How can we utilise H2’s features to deliver fast experiences? Have our best practices become anti-patterns? What is the tooling landscape like and will we need to change our existing systems?

Over the course of this talk Patrick will use new research and real-world examples from the Financial Times to put our minds at easy and – most importantly – get you excited about a future with HTTP/2.