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Reading, UK

Breaking Borders is a free bi-monthly event for web developers and designers to come together, present and discuss the latest in cutting-edge knowledge.

Our aim is to innovate and inspire the next best thing, and not be restricted by the boundaries we often think are in place.

Who's speaking?

Front-End Developer, Financial Times @kaelig


Kaelig is a front-end developer at the Financial Times, and previously worked at the Guardian and BBC News, both on their responsive websites. He also wrote a book entitled “CSS maintenables”, on the subject of code maintainability and front-end best practices.

Bridging the gap between developers and designers at the Guardian

There is often a vocabulary gap between designers an developers, who should aim towards a ubiquitous way of conversing about colours, typography, viewport sizes, or the responsive grid system of a digital product…
To bridge this gap at the Guardian we used Sass, a CSS pre-processor, as a layer of abstraction to help us re-center the discussion around the product.


Stu Robson
Front-End Consultant, Always Twisted @sturobson

Stu Robson

Stu Robson is a front-end consultant and freelance developer. A strong advocate of Sass; He curates a Sass newsletter, organises the new London Sass meetup, has become the editor of SitePoint's Sass articles and is writing a "practical takeaways" book on Sass.

100% Pure Sass

Over recent years Sass has seen an explosion in popularity in front-end development. This talk quickly walks you through the easy wins you will get when using Sass features such as nesting, variables, mixins and more. It will also discuss that although Sass has these features to make your CSS powerful, you’re not obliged to use everything in it’s toolbox and even using some basic Sass features will make you a faster, leaner, better developer.


Breaking Borders runs on the third Tuesday in the month. Bi-monthly.

19:00 - 21:30(ish), but why not stay for some discussion and drinks afterwards.


Park House, Reading University,
Reading, Berkshire, RG6 6AX

Download directions here, or view it on Google Maps.


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Our last event

Framed! illustration

Who spoke for us

  • Luke Murphy-Wearmouth
  • Ben Seymour


‘Framed!’ was the topic of discussion at our August event with two inspiring talks from our visiting speakers.

Up first, Luke Murphy-Wearmouth talked about reframing web design. Having previously worked as a set designer, Luke talked us through the different areas of theatre design we could draw inspiration from.

Set, Costume, Props, Lighting and Audio Design can all correlate across to different aspects of an interface’s design and set the right tone for your message and audience.

To finish off the evening, Ben Seymour explored the current state of responsive images and what we can use this very day in our projects.

As you can see, an evening full of interesting topics and take aways for our everyday jobs!

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What others are saying about it

Checking out the venue for @brkngbrdrs later. I feel like I need to borrow a wax jacket and a horse.

@iknowdavehouse @iknowdavehouse

Enjoyed listening to @lurkmoophy and @bseymour talk @brkngbrdrs, first Berkshire based web event I've attended and very much worth it.

@BeckyBirdUK @BeckyBirdUK

Fab night at @brkngbrdrs learning about responsive images & how theatre design relates to web. Loved both talks. Yay. #bbsessions

@jaz_design @jaz_design

I'm now going to relax at @brkngbrdrs - take the stress out of life and learn something

@steveworkman @steveworkman
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