Breaking Borders

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Reading, UK

Breaking Borders is a free bi-monthly event for web developers and designers to come together, present and discuss the latest in cutting-edge knowledge.

Our aim is to innovate and inspire the next best thing, and not be restricted by the boundaries we often think are in place.

Who's speaking?

Luke Murphy-Wearmouth
Designer, Front-End Dev, Consultant, Neverwood @lurkmoophy

Luke Murphy-Wearmouth

Luke once designed and built a site on GeoCities. Since then, he’s designed and built things for folks including British Council, Microsoft,, O2, and Pearson. These days, he spends his time as a freelance web designer, developer and consultant, as co-founder and DJ at Early Doors Disco, organises events and conferences and occasionally chases ghosts through the streets of London.

Reframing Web Design: The Process of Theatre Design

As web designers, there are lessons we can learn and insights we can gain from stepping outside of the discipline and approaching our design process from a different angle. Over the past year or so Luke has been looking into the processes of other areas of design, picking them apart and drawing parallels to the work of web designers, in the hope that he’ll be able to improve his working process. While most people look at closely related disciplines like graphic, motion and print design, Luke took a closer look at the process of theatre design, an area he used to be involved in. What he discovered was that there are clear parallels between set, props, costume, lighting and audio design in the theatre and what we do on the web, and there are things we as web designers can potentially learn from the world of theatre.

Ben Seymour
Director, Solutions Consulting, Amplience UK Ltd @bseymour

Ben Seymour

Ben has extensive experience in eCommerce, Dynamic/Rich Media and Conversion Optimisation, leading the successful delivery of 50+ projects for large online retailers and prestigious global brands. He is currently the Director of Solutions Consulting at a Shoreditch based eCommerce solution provider, and prior to that spent 5 years with Adobe Systems;

Practical Responsive Images

The recent progress with the <picture> element and srcset attribute means that this major constraint in a fundamental aspect of modern web development is about to be overcome. Coupled with a capable Dynamic Imaging System, we are close to making Responsive Images a truly Practical prospect.

Ben will explore what preparations you can make, and what benefits and approaches you can look forward to taking advantage of, both now, and in the near future.


Breaking Borders runs on the third Tuesday in the month. Bi-monthly.

19:00 - 21:30(ish), but why not stay for some discussion and drinks afterwards.


Park House, Reading University,
Reading, Berkshire, RG6 6AX

Download directions here, or view it on Google Maps.


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Our last event

The Creative I Illustration

Who spoke for us

  • Stephanie Troeth headshot
  • Mariana Mota Morris

The Creative I

June’s event saw us see through our creative eye. Looking at our creative selves, our process and passions and how this could feed into our every day work.

To kick off this fantastic design focused evening, Stephanie Troeth told a beautiful story of our passions, the drivers behind the work we do and the way we go about it. Stephanie challenged our ideas and work ethic, asking and showing us how to move forward.

One of the most notable questions posed to the audience was “Do what you love… or… do what you love?”. Giving us the opportunity to step back and evaluate with our peers.

Next up, Mariana Mota took to our stage to explore our interactions with clients. Showing us how we can practically engage with clients and reap positive results from our touch points.

Both these talks applied themselves to a lot of our audience, not just the designers amongst us. The evening proved full of positive take aways and led to some great discussions over some drinks at the end of the evening. The next event is going to have a tough act to follow, but I’m sure we think that every time!

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Checking out the venue for @brkngbrdrs later. I feel like I need to borrow a wax jacket and a horse.

@iknowdavehouse @iknowdavehouse

Really enjoyed @brkngbrdrs this evening - two great talks from @sniffles and @marianamota

@wiiiiilllllll 70f6744b8926c63a738d1638b3dbe4d3_400x400

Had so much fun at @brkngbrdrs, thanks everyone for coming and for being such a gracious audience! #BBsessions

@sniffles twitterProfilePhoto_400x400

Back home from another thought-jarring #bbsessions. It’s a consistently excellent event series, and amazingly still free to all attendees.

@d_leech @dleech
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